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Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Technology Solves Age-Old Problem of Air Leaks

Reports show that, in up to 85% of homes, leaky ducts are the primary source of energy loss. However, a new technology to seal these leaky air ducts is helping homeowners save energy and reduce energy bills.

Aeroseal was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Its beauty is in its ease and effectiveness – because this patented breakthrough technology takes care of leaks from the inside out.

Here’s how the process works:
  • A pre-seal test measures duct leakage.
  • Registers are temporarily sealed with plastic or foam.
  • A non-toxic aerosol mist is injected into the duct system for approximately 1 hour.
  • The mist travels through the ducts, attaching itself to leaks until any holes are sealed.
  • Computer and sensors measure progress during the process.
  • Post-seal test measures improvement after it’s completed.

Aeroseal reports that it is 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks – and that some homeowners have saved up to 40% on their energy bills and also enjoy a more comfortable home. To learn more about this process, just give us a call

Clean Your Home’s Air with Houseplants

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is in the top 5 threats to human health. You can do something about it, starting with these four houseplants:

  • Lady Palm – Water generously and fertilize once a month.
  • Peace Lily – Keep the soil moist and clean leaves with a damp cloth.
  • Rubber Plant – Tolerates limited light but don’t overwater. It is the most effective at removing toxins.
  • Areca Palm – Keep the root ball damp and remove dead branches.

Call us help you find the air filtration method that fits your needs.

Is Your Home a Health Risk?

Because most of your time is spent indoors, observe how you and those in your household feel when at home:
  • Is there sneezing, coughing or irritated throats, noses or eyes?
  • Do you or others wake up congested or with a headache?
  • Are any of these symptoms more common in a certain part of the house?
  • Does anyone have frequent asthma episodes or respiratory infections?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may have an air quality concern. Call us for an indoor air quality test and ways to improve.

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